• For A Better Community Plan

    "The City of North Vancouver has been my home since birth. Having travelled the world with opportunities to live elsewhere, I chose to live here, because I like this place.

    Now I see my city changing, and changing fast, and these changes are having a negative effect on the quality of our lives. Change is something that cannot be stopped, but when it comes at a pace this fast there is no need to make matters worse by pressing down hard on the accelerator.

    I believe we'd be wise to slow down the current pace of change to ensure we get it right. It's not a race, it's our future!"

  • For A Financially Responsible Future

    "City Council has historically been a conservative steward of taxpayer monies. This historical stewardship has gone by the wayside in recent years, evidenced by the vast amounts being appropriated and spent at rates faster than ever before.

    The 2014 capital budget appropriates approximately 50% of the City's known capital income over the next 10 years, proposing to spend that money in the first year of the 10-year plan. To appropriate half of the next 10 years known income and spend it in a single year is foolish!"

    I do not support this kind of reckless behaviour".

  • For The Fairer Provision Of Energy

    "The City gave LEC the right to operate as a space heating and hot water monopoly utility, supplying every building over 10,000 sq/ft. In answer, LEC has expanded to capture all new development opportunities within the City.

    To accomplish this mandate, the City has invested over 14 million of taxpayer monies in LEC infrastructure. With the systems now in place, the City wants to recover its loaned monies quickly, in addition to making profits well in excess of those typically allowed by a regulated monopoly utility.

    Regulated utilities are compelled to amortize investments over reasonable intervals. Profit taking on equity is restricted to levels which reflect the reduced nature of the investment risk. It only makes sense the City should compel LEC to adhere to these same regulatory principles."

  • For Better Asset Management

    "In 2004/5 the City embarked on a social engineering vision called "LEC" or "District Energy". The purpose of the venture was to provide space heating and hot water to all connected buildings through a system of pipelines using common boilers.

    In pursuit of this objective, the City spent 14 million dollars of taxpayer monies, and provided loan guarantees for an additional 2 million dollars.

    Other than a 2 million dollar equity investment back in 2004, all additional monies were spent without anyone ever coming before council for spending authority. The City's non-performing LEC receivables have now been converted to long-term interest bearing loans. Interestingly, this spending approval was only given by City council in December of 2013."

  • For A Better Business Environment

    "The viability of every community is directly linked to the success of its business residents. North Vancouver City is no exception.

    A strong and resilient business community, capable of providing a reasonable and sustainable contribution to the City tax and job base, is essential to our long term success.

    When business health is compromised, the health of the entire community is put at risk.

    I believe in pursuing initiatives which will support, strengthen and invigorate the City established business residents. I will work to ensure the success of our commercial and retail entrepreneurs."

  • For Better Governance

    "Career politicians bent on creating their own long term employment opportunities are undesirable for any community, only growing stale over time.

    Politicians who believe they can take money from developers and other business interests while not become beholden, are not being honest.

    An honest politician will always recuse him or herself from a decision making role in relation to matters involving campaign donors. Those who refuse to recuse themselves are out of step with public opinion and moral standards.

    I will not take a campaign donation from a developer or a union. I believe no donation over $300 should be accepted from any person or organization."

  • For A Better Environment

    "I will pursue greening initiatives through the development of incentive programs which reward residents for making investment choices that reduce human impact on our community, our country and to our planet."

  • For Improved Mobility

    "The City has gone from being a community easily traversed in 10 minutes by car, to one where traffic congestion makes this trip hours long, no matter your direction.

    The District recently acknowledged that its residents view traffic issues as the #1 issue affecting their quality of life, wanting their municipal government to pursue a solution to this problem.

    The City's solution - put every butt on a bus or bicycle. No concrete solutions to motor vehicle challenges have even been studied let alone contemplated.

    I commit to putting traffic congestion as my first and highest priority upon entering public office. Finding workable solutions to the ever-increasing traffic congestion issues is essential to preserving our quality of life."

  • For A Livable City

    "If the people of North Vancouver wanted to live in Hong Kong or Beijing, I am certain they would have packed their bags and moved to either location. Instead they have chosen to remain here.

    It has been said by at least one councillor "...we won the lottery, we live in the best place in the world...". I agree!

    So then why are we so committed to turning North Vancouver into a smaller version of Hong Kong, or Beijing? Why don't we strive to keep this place the way it is:

    "...the best place in the world ..." to live?

    I will strive to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy today as residents of this City!

  • For Open and Honest Governance

    "Canadian democracy, since its very beginning, has compelled our courts to leave their doorways open to the public .

    In recent years the City has relied on greater use of a closed door decision-making process. While personnel and some competitive bidding matters may be justified as privileged, many other decisions taken in-camera by the City are not!

    I support moving the City's decision-making functions back into open council chambers, before the eyes and ears of the public at large.

    Decisions that are hidden from public scrutiny undermine our democratic principles. We must stand guard against such abuse of privilege."

  • For A Solution To Parking

    "The issue of motor vehicle parking in many areas of the City is of great concern.

    Automobile parking is central to the success of many of the City's business residents.

    The City has been pursuing development initiatives where the condo towers do not have sufficient parking to accommodate the needs of the residents within. In so doing the City has been trying to drive City residents out of their cars, onto bikes and into busses.

    Due to inadequate parking, the new condo towers force residents to consume available street parking, frustrating local businesses by depriving their customers of this essential commodity.

    Condo developers should be required to provide sufficient parking for their occupants needs. The City's pressure tactics aren't working and won't work to reduce the use of private automobiles.